Family Vacation Lead Up

I need your help.

I am stressing!!

Oh, God. Where do I start?

Okay. So, this week will be insane.

Let me start by saying the fam is staying at my in-laws’ house. We are house sitting for them while they’re on vacation. We often rent our home through AirBnB. This rental currently has us out for three weeks!! We are one week in.

I leave after work on Tuesday for San Diego for work. My district is sending me and a few other principals to check out other advanced schools in CA. Since I can’t leave my car there for all this time, my husband has to drive everyone on Tuesday morning to their destination. Our usual morning routine looks like this: alarms go off at 5AM. Mom and dad get ready for work. Kids are up at 5:30AM. Leave by 6AM. I do drop off since the kids’ daycare is close to my work. My husband works 40 min in the opposite direction of our home. It takes me 20 min to get to work. Now that we are at his parents’ house, which is farther away from my work and daycare, we need to leave the house by 5:15AM on Tuesday to have him drop us all off and get to his school before 7AM. So we need to be up and going at 4:30AM at the absolute latest!! Cool πŸ˜’πŸ™„

Then I fly into CA that night (😰 I hate flying). We get in at 2AM our time. Then go to work at 7AM. Ughhhhh. Work Wed-Fri there.

My parents are driving the kids down to Florida on Friday morning at 3AM.

So when we packed up for the rental, we packed for one week of normal work schedule, one week for work in San Diego, and one week for vacation in Florida. Lots of luggage!! Everyone has multiple bags right now. Basically one per week.

My husband flies down to meet us all that Wednesday then is doing Disney World with us!!

The end goal is Disney world. That’s our prize if all goes well lol.

Things that have to go perfectly:

– Monday: get Xanax from doctor at appt and get filled immediately. I have a total irrational fear of flying.

– Tuesday: wake up earlier than God. Kids are going to do great with this one. 😭

– Wednesday: work with little sleep from a long ass flight through the middle of the night.

– Friday: my husband didn’t forget to give my parents any piece of luggage pre packed that is important for them to have on a two day trek to Florida w the kids.

– Saturday: My flight to Florida will get in at 6AM. I’ll have most of the day to myself. I’m actually pretty excited about that.

– Sunday- Wednesday: kids on their first trip out of state w me and my parents. Hope we didn’t forget anything.

– Thursday- Saturday: Disney world!! First time w kids there. Do we have everything?

– Sunday: Fly home. First time the kids are flying. Do we have everything to keep them occupied on the flight?

So basically, we have to have everything already from our house for the next two weeks. If we forgot something, oh well. Thank God for Amazon Prime. πŸ™Œ

Everything starts with Tuesday morning going well. Wish us luck!! The trip trips are definitely testing my ability to plan really far ahead. For most working mamas with limited downtime, I’m very nervous lol. We shall see how I did!

February is a month of stress and anxiety. Let’s hope all goes well enough to enjoy this awesome family time I planned.

Any tips for our first big family vacation are welcomed. πŸ’›

Pray for me!

We are all in this together.

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