Ten years ago…

Just a few weeks ago I received a goal sheet I filled out in a college class ten years ago.

It was one of those fun time capsules you used to do in elementary school and your parents held on to it for your graduation party to make fun of you… I still don’t understand why it’s so funny that my dream car was a “puke green neon”. 😜 Anyways,…

I wrote about my upcoming wedding, continuing my education, my faith, my future children’s names, and wanting a new car.

Take a look!

After getting this and reviewing it thoroughly, it got me thinking of the changes I’ve gone through in my life over the past few years. The Kim ten years ago is a very different Kim today. The ten years ago Kim tried, but wasn’t able to fully predict where I am currently and where I’ve been.

Some of the things I wrote about ten years ago, I did accomplish, some I didn’t, and some are not a focus anymore. I did start a college fund for my kids, we love our church, I got my Masters degree (and even an additional graduate degree), I did teach high school math and I did coach, but it was dance, I did get a new car- 2 actually, I did get married, and I do have 2 children- my daughter’s name is Veronica, which I did not even realize that ten years ago I liked that name. That was a cool realization when I saw this letter that I wanted that ten years ago.

The other pieces on there that I haven’t accomplished most likely means that it’s not a focus for me anymore. Experiences and my life journey has taken me down a different path. 

For those reading who are mommas, when you were pregnant, especially with your first child (because we all know things change from first to subsequent kiddos 😳😜), how many of you actually drafted and developed a birth plan? Oh, the birth plan. You know what that is! It’s the dream of what the experience of having your child will be like. And having never been through it before, that’s exactly what it is. A dream! You dream of a beautiful white room on a perfect weather day, your hospital bag is overpacked perfectly with every item from Buy Buy Baby, doctors and nurses telling you how easy you are making it look and that they’ve never seen a momma as calm as you before, you have your ‘welcome baby’ music playlist playing softly over the speaker system, there’s a harp player at your bedside, your contractions feel like hiccups, your photographer is there taking beautiful family photos- everyone smiling, perfect hair and makeup, no mess or sweat, you will also go completely natural with no drugs, push one time (only because you sneezed), and POOF! New baby!… that’s a birth plan. Kate Middleton’s birth plan!

Has anyone scoffed yet? 

Who wrote their birth plan to look like this? 

Arrive in a hurry to the hospital and forget your hospital bag because your water broke at home and all hell broke loose, sharing a room with another expecting momma because it’s a full moon tonight and things are-a-happenin’, you kill three doctors because it is taking them too long to get you your epidural, you’re sweating and screaming resembling a wild animal in heat, and you push for six hours (poop everywhere) just to have to have an emergency c-section.

Probably not many- but that’s the reality of some births. They write their own story and don’t have any intention of following your ‘plan’. 

I’d compare writing out your ten year life plan to a writing a birth plan. Although things usually don’t go the way that you plan it, the process is important since it encourages you to get educated and empowered for what’s important to you, aids in triggering crucial dialogue with people involved or impacted, and serves as a communication piece of what is important and why. 

Vividly describing your goals in written form is strongly associated with goal success, and people who very vividly describe or picture their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to successfully accomplish their goals than people who don’t.

One of my dear friends got me a very thoughtful gift for Christmas. I got a journal from my favorite writer/motivational speaker, Rachel Hollis, that is called a Start Today Journal. This is something that I am completing daily that has a gratitude section, wishes, dreams, and goals. Having these pieces regularly addressed helps to narrow the focus and stay on the path. Lord knows life is full of distractions, so unless we are making a conscious effort to keep going back to our goals on a daily basis, we could and usually do lose focus.

I wrote my goals for where I’d be right now ten years ago, but didn’t recall a lot of those items listed until I saw the list mailed to me. That’s a problem. If these goals are important enough to me, it needs to be on my mind all the time- mommy grind.

I now have a different focus for my next ten years. I’ll be regularly reviewing and adjusting. I am eager to get to work. 

Although sometimes your journey comes out different than the way you planned, remember that on this journey you have a lot of new experiences that can change the direction in which you wanted to go years prior. It’s important to write down your goals and plans, but more important to note that these can change on your journey, and that is okay! As things change, roll with the punches, and make the adjustments to your goals and plans as you need. 

It’s 2019! Let’s take it head on by writing down and accomplishing our goals. 

We are all in this together! 

1 thought on “Ten years ago…

  1. Very good article on the importance of writing the vision down…and yes the only time in my life that I was powerless to control the outcome was laboring to give birth!


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