The Pinterest Mom

Here are some of my latest creations I posted on Pinterest…

JK!!! 🤣🤣

I’m one of those people that have the side by side pics with the words “Pinterest Fails” as the caption. I am not Mrs. Suzie-homemaker. I’m more like Mrs. Doubtfire- cooking dinner, fire on the boobies scene, anyone?

I’ve been a Pinterest member for years. I have fifty boards housing thousands of pins, but can honestly say that there are very few things that I’ve actually attempted. I’ll get excited about an idea, not get to it in time for an event, then just pay someone else to do it. That’s the best way to do a Pinterest project, isn’t it? Because if I did attempt it, it would consist of me buying all the wrong supplies in trip #1, which would then lead to three more trips to the store, I’d spend way too much money on supplies I will only use this one time and not have the proper storage bin to house any of it, then mess up something important because I don’t read directions thoroughly, then it will turn out looking like,… well, crap. So, why not just skip the wasted money, mess in my home, and time lost by just hiring someone to do it?!?! It’s THEIR hobby. They enjoy this type of stuff. They do it all the time. Etsy-folks LOVE it! Who am I to take that joy from them? It’s not my right. Not my place. That’s why I let them take those projects. That’s why. Doesn’t have anything to do with my ability…

When I go on Pinterest and pin things, it’s like I’m pinning things for my fantasy life that I’ll have time for in fantasy dream land when I have a plethora of energy, kids are in constant joyous moods, and money is endless. Making my kids’ Halloween outfits by hand, homemade baked goods for their daycare/preschool teachers for every occasion ever, coordinating unique family picture outfits and poses, workouts that ensure your belly fat to disappear 🙄, never forgetting to move the Elf on the Shelf, having the most creative or modern home decor, … yeah, those are the kind of things that are pinned in my ‘when I have an abundance of time and get my sh*t together’ board. Or maybe having a name for the group of moms who can relate (our next Pinterest board title)- The Hot Mess Moms? It’s kind of got a ring to it!

My constant combination of envy and eye rolling while looking through the social media posts from moms that are just killing it in their highlight reels got me realizing that I can’t beat myself up for not being able to keep up with the Pinterest Moms. In their minds, they may think I’m killing it! Weird. Just how wrong they are. But pictures and videos I post are of my cute little ones, doing cute things, so… How real do people get in their posts? I’m guessing not too real for most people. But do we start to self reflect in a negative way because it’s our nature to compare ourselves to others? And if the only things people post are the awesome events and adventures in their lives without ever acknowledging the struggle behind the scenes, where does that leave their loyal social media followers?

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine conducted a study about the effects of social media habits on the moods of users. The research determined that the more time young adults use social media, the more likely they are to be depressed. Participants that use social media very frequently have 2.7 times the likelihood of depression.

It leaves them either one of two things: genuinely happy for that person or sad from not being able to measure up in comparison, … or possibly a combination of the two??

So let me leave you with this. Until I experienced the pain and sadness that comes with that dreaded comparison process, I posted only the good in my life. Never would I ever have thought to show anyone my flaws willingly. I could never ruin my confident facade.

Now I’m becoming more comfortable with displaying my shortcomings. It’s taken me a long time to get to this place. But here I am.

I’m only human.

We are in this together.

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